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ChongQing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd (abbreviation as “CCF”) is a state-owned enterprise and one of the holding subsidiaries of CME, was established in 1965, H shares listed in Hong Kong in 2008 (The stock code is 2722HK),one of the key enterprises of manufacturing military and civil compressor for the Original National Ministry of Machinery, and vice-President Company of Compressor Branch of China General Machinery Industry Association.

CCF is a comprehensive compressor manufacturer with fifty years experience of R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. With continuous innovation and forge ahead, the military compressors developed by CCF are widely used for PLA of navy, land, air, rocket force and satellite launching bases, space research institutions etc. Based on quality system and research system of military products, CCF promotes the development of high-end clean energy equipment and gas equipment by insisting on integration of military and civilian products. CCF independent developed and manufactured large and medium size various gas compressor, CNG/LNG/hydrogen filling complete equipment are widely used in fields of petroleum natural gas, chemical, fertilizer, coal, metallurgy, plastic, construction and CNG/LNG/hydrogen refueling station etc, and were sold to domestic markets and thirty other countries, which have gained good reputation by customers at home and abroad. Our compressors have made an important contribution to the national economy and national defense modernization.

Time flies, like a song! Generations of the CCF people self-excited and indomitable struggled. After relocation finished in 2020, the company has presented with its new image and with higher self-request by standing on new starting point, the company will be market-oriented, based on the spirit of technical innovation and precision management as well as combined the efforts of employees and customers, engaging in specialized products with high quality and high efficiency to cast the company’s brand and provide higher quality and service to our esteemed customer and create higher values to the society and our clients!



重庆气体压缩机厂有限责任公司 董事长

Chairman of Chongqing Gas Compressor Factory Co., Ltd

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